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Da sola nessuna delle tecnologie tra quelle in fase di sviluppo potrà essere la risposta alle strategie di de-carbonizzazione. Tuttavia, al di là di poche eccezioni, gli investimenti oggi sono grandemente indirizzati alle soluzioni basate su batterie. Infatti, circa il 90% dei 9,1 miliardi $ messi a disposizione da Ventur Capitals nel terzo quadrimestre del 2019 sono stati indirizzati a tecnologie che utilizzano batterie al litio. La necessità di soluzioni che abbiano allo stesso tempo la capacità di stoccare energia su un arco temporale mensile o stagionale, e abbiano un ciclo di vita che vada oltre il decennio dovrà guidare gli sforzi in ricerca e innovazione degli energy storage.


The World Energy Perspective ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A STRAIGHT PATH TOWARDS ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY is the 8th report in the series of triennial reports produced by the Council together with ADEME and it is the most comprehensive global publication in the area of energy efficiency policies. Drawing on the experiences and lessons from the research conducted in more than 95 countries around the world, the report presents and evaluates different approaches to energy efficiency policies adopted in these countries and helps identify policies which work well and those which do not.


The energy landscape has changed with most countries achieving a more diversified energy mix as well as a growth in community ownerships and an evolution of micro grids. The new World Energy Resources report launched at the 23rd World Energy Congress on 12 October reveals that the unexpectedly high growth in the renewable energies market, in terms of investment, new capacity and high growth rates in developing countries, is a key factor in this notable shift. It has contributed to falling prices and the increased decoupling of economic growth and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


2016 Energy Trilemma Index ranking shows global energy sector shifting priorities towards more balanced energy mix. Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden achieve AAA score and lead the 125 countries’ index ranking; 9 out of top 10 countries are from Europe showing that EU cooperation on long term policy for energy and climate to 2020 contributes to regional Trilemma success; During 23rd World Energy Congress, energy ministers and officials from Turkey, UAE, Algeria, South Korea, Ecuador, Nigeria, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and more will debate how to best achieve AAA score to secure sustainable energy

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