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Siamo lieti di segnalare l’evento REGOLE DELL’ACQUA, REGOLE PER LA VITA, prima edizione di un convegno annuale che si tiene a Milano sul tema dell’acqua intesa come bene giuridico e come elemento chiave dello sviluppo sostenibile. Il Forum è organizzato dal Milan Center for Food Law and Policy sotto gli auspici della Presidenza italiana del G7 in occasione del 25esimo anniversario dei princìpi di Dublino. Il WEC Italia è tra i collaboratori tecnico-scientifici dell’evento con particolare riferimento alla sessione water-energy nexus che si terrà il pomeriggio del 27 settembre p.v.


The World Energy Trilemma 2016: ‘Defining measures to accelerate the energy transition’ published by the World Energy Council, in partnership with global consultancy Oliver Wyman, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, has identified five focus areas to drive progress on the Energy Trilemma of sustainability, security and energy access, and meet the goals of 2020 and beyond.
This report will provide the foundations for many discussions at the 2016 World Energy Congress in Istanbul in October.


The ‘road to resilience – managing the risks of the energy-water-food nexus’, is the second risk dimension investigated as part of the “Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure” initiative. The first report in the series, ‘The road to resilience – managing and financing extreme weather risk’, recommended moving towards a more systemic understanding of resilience, in order to best manage extreme weather risks.

This report takes a deep-dive approach to investigate the systemic risks of the energy-water-food nexus, and examines the integrated coordination that is needed for financing resilience. The report methodology is based on contributions from experts in 92 countries. Case studies have been submitted from the energy, insurance, financial, and academic communities to highlight the impact, obstacles and solutions that countries have taken to manage the impacts of the energy-water-food nexus.


The World Energy Council report ‘E-storage – shifting from cost to value’ is the work of 23 leading industry and academic experts from across the world who are in the World Energy Council Storage Knowledge Network. The lead author is DNV GL with PwC making a significant contribution towards the cost analysis. The Storage Knowledge Network is one of 15 Knowledge Networks in the World Energy Council who will all be preparing reports for the World Energy Resources flagship study which will be presented at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey in October 2016.


The Energy Trilemma Index, which is released as part of the Council’s annual World Energy Trilemma report, offers recommendations to public and private decision-makers in the energy sector on how best to deliver competitive sustainable energy systems. It is produced with global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, along with the Global Risk Centre of its parent Marsh & McLennan Companies, and focuses on breaking barriers to energy investment in 130 countries.


29 October 2015 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The World Energy Council is to write to all Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change expressing concern over the level of progress and ambition over the state of the climate talks. The clear message from the World Energy Council’s meetings during its Executive Assembly in Addis Ababa is that key actions are required to enable the energy sector to deliver a sustainable energy system.


Istituzioni e imprese si sono incontrate a Roma il 24 settembre scorso per discutere strategie e programmi per la difesa delle infrastrutture energetiche nel cyber spazio sia nel breve sia nel lungo termine. L’occasione è stata la Seconda Conferenza Nazionale sulla Cyber Security Energia, tenutasi presso il Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa e organizzata da Energia Media in collaborazione con WEC Italia e Deloitte. Alla Conferenza Nazionale hanno partecipato oltre un centinaio di rappresentanti tra organizzazioni internazionali, istituzioni, aziende e università.


The World Energy Council, Marsh and McLennan Companies, and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions have joined forces with the specialist support of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development,and over 175 global experts. New emerging risks are posing threats to the energy sector, impacting both the physical structures and the investment needed to evolve the energy system to a more sustainable future. This extreme weather report specially looked at the frequency, severity and exposure of the energy value chain to extreme weather events. It then proposes solutions on how to create systemic resilient energy infrastructures and how to finance it. The report finds that the number of extreme weather events increased more than 4 times from only 38 events in 1980 to 174 events in 2014. Although the energy sector has focused on transitioning in the long-term, the understanding of the vulnerability to risks now has been largely unaddressed, leaving energy systems exposed and the financial risk in energy investments increased.


Il dibattito sul capacity market e sulla sua opportunità rispetto ad un “puro” mercato europeo dell’energia è stato al centro del WEC Energy Day – Energy Strategies of Tomorrows ospitato a Berlino il 30 settembre u.s. dal comitato tedesco del World Energy Council. Il tema è noto e riguarda due differenti strade verso la cosiddetta transizione energetica: da un lato la visione della Commissione Europea che spinge per il perfezionamento di un mercato unico europeo in cui tutte le fonti competono tra loro, dall’altro l’esigenza e le preoccupazioni degli Stati Membri sulla sicurezza delle forniture energetiche che suggeriscono l’introduzione di meccanismi di remunerazione per capacità di riserva pronte a supportare le rinnovabili intermittenti.


Sustainable energy and research – the goals for 2050 from the ECCC Creep Conference

182 researchers and spokespeople from the international energy sector industry pool forces and compare notes so as to tackle the mammoth challenges of the 21st century, thereby laying the foundations for an energy structure able to guarantee sustainability, safety and the generation self-supporting capacity for the diverse global needs. And research into innovative components and materials is the key to success.

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